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Red Wiggler Composting Worms

Red Wiggler Composting Worms

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Red Wiggler composting worms are now available for the 2024 season. Orders will only ship on Mondays if forecasted average overnight temperatures are above 0°C.

Red wigglers (Eisnia Fetida) are the most common composting worm on the market. They are small but can eat approximately 25% of their body weight daily. They are tolerant of temperature ranges and pH levels, although the ideal temperature range is 20°C to 24°C with a neutral pH.

Our worms are always weighed before they are added to bedding combined with peat moss. This helps protect them in their travels.

The size and number of worms will vary, however: 

  • 1 lb is approximately 800-1000 worms
  • 1/2 lb is approximately 400-500 worms
  • 1/4 lb is approximately 200-250 worms
  • 1/16 lb is approximately 60-65 worms

IMPORTANT: Worm orders can only be shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays for Alberta orders. Please see our shipping policy for more information. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very Active!!

I’d researched red wiggler availability and although I could buy worms (if they were in stock) for a bit less, there were reviews mentioning a lot of DOA’s.

I opted to pay for much better quality from a local, family run, Canadian 🇨🇦 business rather than a big box store.

I’m amazed at how vigorous these red wigglers are! They’re always hard at work when I check on them.

To kickstart things, I also purchased a back up generation because my Worm Cafe was brand new, so I assume the cocoons and juniors will join the workforce shortly.

Everything arrived really well packaged - most of which was bio degradable, so even the packing materials were great for the cafe!

The food and grit packages have crystal clear instructions so my little worms appear to be very happy in their new home.
It’s fascinating to watch the constant movement and it’s a great, natural way to give back to the environment, whilst reducing the amount of garbage I produce.
I haven’t yet used my big bag of castings, but I am extremely confident that the castings will be of the same outstanding calibre as every other Wormera product I’ve purchased.
The response to my first email was SO quick, really informative and very funny! And again with subsequent emails too.

I highly recommend Wormera!

Happy Worms

Worms showed up very professionally swaddled for their journey and in good shape and are doing great settling into their new home


Second year I've got these hungry suckers and they make quick work of food waste, in return you get some darn good black soil!

shayne lucas
Worms are doing great

Completely happy with the purchase

Tami Wall

Very healthy looking worms. Happy with quantity and health