About Us

We are located in Northern Alberta surrounded by the majestic Boreal Forest.

As passionate gardeners, we attempted to grow the healthiest and most nutrient dense foods with chemical fertilizers as our soil amendments. Inspired by the forest around us we embraced organic and regenerative soil growing methods. We decided to focus on producing our own soil amendments with locally sourced ingredients. Since microbial life is the driving force in recycling organic matter in living soils we needed a way to increase their populations.

Worms were the ultimate solution.

When we started using worms to create castings and frass for our gardens the health of our vegetables improved dramatically. By adding fresh castings and frass to the soil we introduced numerous and diverse microorganisms and the nutrients from the organic matter became available to the plants. Soon we had an abundance of castings and frass so we decided to share this amazing resource. With that decision Wormera was created.

We look forward to continuing on this journey and helping and learning from all of our customers.

Thank you,

Crista and Jason