Red Wiggler Care Guide

Once your worms arrive, carefully empty them out of the fabric bags or containers into their new bedding. You don’t have to pick all the worms off the fabric bags; the bags are 100% cotton and can be added to the bin for the worms to eat.

Here are some tips to help you with your new worm composting bin:
  1. Use shredded cardboard, paper, peat moss, or coconut coir as bedding. It should be kept moist but not too wet and feel like a damp sponge. The ideal temperature range for Red Wigglers is 18-25°C.
  2. Feed your worms a balanced diet by adding a variety of organic waste, such as fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, and crushed eggshells. Avoid adding dairy, meat, oily, or acidic foods, as they can attract pests and create odours. Supplement with Wormera worm food.
  3. Chop, blend, or freeze and thaw food scraps before adding them to the bin to make it easier for worms to consume. Cover food scraps with a layer of bedding to prevent flies and odours.
  4. Red Wigglers need grit to properly digest their food. Be sure to add some of our Grit/pH Booster on a monthly basis. This will also help manage the pH of your bin if it gets to acidic.
  5. Fluff and turn over the bedding occasionally to ensure adequate aeration and prevent compaction. Harvest finished castings regularly to create space for new bedding, baby worms, and food scraps.
Most worm bin problems come from over-feeding. Add food scraps gradually, and wait until they're mostly consumed before adding more. Add fresh bedding if your worm bin becomes too wet or “muddy”. Please contact us at with any other questions or concerns. Happy Worm day!