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Red Wiggler Worm Castings - 1 Litre

Red Wiggler Worm Castings - 1 Litre

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Wormera’s soil-building fresh red wiggler worm castings are every gardener's secret weapon. They are an ideal blend of bio-available plant nutrients and are naturally loaded with organic matter. We harvest our castings and prevent them from drying out or freezing which ensures maximum microbial life. Wormera red wiggler worm castings are sifted using a 1/8th screen for a premium quality product without additional filler. 

When worm castings are applied to your garden, lawn or potted plants in the appropriate amount you will soon notice a dramatic improvement in the overall health of your plants. They are completely different from fertilizers in that they will not burn your plants. The texture is similar to used coffee grounds and mixes well with your favourite potting soil and can also be used as a top dressing. Please see our complete Worm Castings directions for use.

Completely made and packaged in Alberta, Canada


  • Enhanced seed germination rates
  • Increased plant growth and vitality
  • Increased plant yield
  • Concentrated
  • Slow-release
  • Completely Odor-Free!
  • Improved soil aeration
  • Encourages root growth
  • Will not burn tender plants
  • Increases moisture retention when added to potting mixes
  • Neutral PH
  • 100% safe for kids and pets

Popular Uses:

  • Seedling Starting
  • Houseplants
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Flower Gardens
  • Growing Cannabis and Hemp
  • Lawn Care
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