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Large Mealworm Farm Kit

Large Mealworm Farm Kit

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Our mealworm farm kits are the fastest way to start building your own mealworm population. Instead of buying large worms and then waiting for them to pupate into beetles, lay eggs, and grow to size, our kits will give you a head start at every stage of their lifecycle.

Our large kit is designed to provide a minimum of 1000+ worms per month. This is enough to supply a several large reptiles or up to 10 to 15 chickens. Increase or decrease the number of beetles to adjust your farm size to your specific needs.

The large kit contains:

70 Breeding Beetles: Our Breeding Beetles are newly moulted, so they are just beginning the egg-laying cycle.

2500 Large to Extra-Large Mealworms: These worms will be pupating soon. In fact, the stress of the trip may cause some to change.

2500 Small to Medium Mealworms: These worms still have some growing up to do. They will ensure that you have a steady flow of larger worms for feeding your animals.

175 g Egg-Infused Bedding/Micro Worms: Use the egg-infused bedding to get a jump start on the mealworm cycle. The specific number of eggs in the bedding is unknown. The bedding also includes tiny micro-sized worms that are a bit older, so there is no gap in your farm.

2 kg Optimal Food and Bedding: Enough bedding is included in the kit to keep your worms happy for at least a month. 

All stages will be packaged separately so you can set up your farm as you’d like without additional sorting.

IMPORTANT: Live insect orders can only be shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays for Alberta orders only. Please see our shipping policy for more information. 

Effective January 2024, quantities greater than 2500 of our Large and Extra-Large mealworms will be shipped in a cotton bag instead of a plastic container. Smaller quantities will still be shipped in a clear plastic container with worms and bedding in it. 

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Customer Reviews

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I was super worried ordering this in the middle of winter and having it travel across Canada. Upon arrival everything like everything except for one bug was ALIVE! I was extremely happy! The eggs that were in the bedding provided hatched like crazy. All stages have been super active and thriving. I actually had just started to see the beetles mating as well so I should have them laying eggs soon and the full cycle starting. All in all. I am extremely happy, I would recommend buying this kit 100%. Great for kids to watch as well.