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Large Mealworm Farm Kit

Large Mealworm Farm Kit

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Our mealworm farm kit is the fastest way to start building your own mealworm population. Instead of buying large worms and then waiting for them to pupate into beetles, lay eggs, and grow to size our kits will give you a head start at every stage of their lifecycle.

The large kit contains:

500 Beetles: We only ship beetles that have moulted within the previous week. The male/female ratio is random. But since they are newly moulted they are just beginning the egg-laying cycle. 

2500 minimum Large to Extra-Large Mealworms: These are the worms that will be pupating very soon. In fact, the stress of the trip may cause some to change.

2500 minimum Small to Medium Mealworms: These worms still have some growing up to do. They will ensure that you have a steady flow of larger worms for feeding your animals.

175g Egg-Infused Bedding: Just add the egg-infused bedding to get a jump start on the cycle. The specific number of eggs in the bedding will not be counted but will prevent a gap in the population numbers.

All stages will be packaged separately so you can set up your farm as you’d like without additional sorting.

Our Optimal Food and Bedding is sold separately and is not included with the kit. 

IMPORTANT: Live insect orders can only be shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays for Alberta orders only. Please see our shipping policy for more information. 

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